Fisherman’s BBQ
and Bike Race

In 2017, Haines Friends of Recycling (HFR) began operating Zero Waste Stations at the Southeast Alaska State Fair in Haines. HFR had already been collecting Fair recyclables for many years when the Fair began to require food vendors to use all compostable and recyclable tableware.

As a result, virtually all waste is now intercepted and sorted by HFR during the four-day event. This reduces the volume and the cost of trash disposal from the Fair.

July 4th Picnic

Compostable tableware includes paper plates, bowls, cups, napkins, and straws and
recyclables include #1 water bottles and aluminum cans. In addition, recyclable vendor
supplies such as clean flattened tin cans, plastic jugs, and cardboard are collected by HFR.

We have compostable tableware available for sale at cost and we can help you set up
collection areas in strategic places for your event. Order compostable tableware by
clicking on Contact Us.

Southeast Alaska
State Fair

HFR volunteers are working hard with the Chilkat Valley community to make more events Zero Waste so there is (almost) no trash sent to the landfill. Instead, we are recycling and composting as much as possible.


Compostable Tableware

To host a successful Zero Waste event:

  • Use washable plates, cups and silverware as much as possible or purchase compostable tableware.
  • Make sure recycling and composting collection bins are clearly labeled.
  • Have a monitor to educate and direct people to put their food scraps, other compostables, and recyclables in the proper containers.
  • Have a gardener who will take the compostables for their compost pile.
  • Take aluminum cans and #1 and #2 plastic to HFR at 2.5 mile Small Tracts Road.


Find treasures at the HFR Scrap Box!

The Scrap Box was opened at the Center in April 2019 as an avenue to re-store/re-use/re-purpose light construction materials. It is open during the Center’s staffed hours and by appointment.