Haines Friends of Recycling celebrates our 25th anniversary in 2024!

HFR was born on the back of an envelope by local activists in the 1990’s and non-profit status was granted by the IRS in 1999. The original volunteers collected and prepared tin and aluminum cans near the sewer plant for shipment. Paper and cardboard were baled in the basement of Howsers. The first shipment of 5.5 tons of recyclables left Haines on July 26, 1999.

Community and volunteer support continued to grow as more recyclables were collected and shipped out.  In the winter of 2000-01 HFR moved into the rented facility on Small Tracts Road. With a baler and skid steer and the employment of one part-time staff, we were on our way!

Over our 25 years we have provided recycling services and education on waste reduction to residents of the Chilkat Valley. Our community support is strong, with over 300 individuals, families, businesses, and organizations as financially contributing members. We have an amazing group of over 125 volunteers that help with all sorts of recycling and educational outreach.  And we have one part-time employee who manages the day-to-day materials recycling.

HFR has thrived despite economic downturns, recycling market shifts, record winter snowstorms, and – of course – …Covid! Our mission to build capacity for recycling and waste reduction in the Chilkat Valley is stronger than ever. We look forward to another 25 years and beyond!

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Stay tuned and join us for the next exciting chapter of Haines Friends of Recycling.