Ferrous Metal

Ferrous Metals contain iron and are magnetic

Follow these steps to make sure your items can be recycled!

Tin cans: Tin cans can be recycled into new cars, girders for buildings, ships or new food cans. Tin and aluminum cans look alike, but are not. There is a magnet on a post at the Recycling Center to the left of the tin cans.

Tin cans stick to a magnet. Please clean cans and remove labels. No aerosol cans.
Free drop off of tin cans anytime. Bring excessive amounts during regular staffed hours.

Steel: Steel can easily be removed from other recyclables because it is magnetic. Once separated, the steel is melted in a furnace and then poured into casters that roll the steel into sheets. Steel can be recycled again and again without losing any of its strength or quality in the process. It can be a never-ending process that continues to save energy and resources.

Appliances, roofing, and rebar are common steel products that can be recycled.

Appliance Fees:

  • $50 fee on refrigerators, freezers and all units containing refrigerant.
    A certified technician has to flush the units, so they can be shipped safely.
  • $20 fee for washers, dryers & electric ranges.

Drop off appliances only during regular staffed hours.

Other steel items are accepted at Scrap Metal Recycling Events.

Non-Ferrous Metal

Non-Ferrous Metals do not contain iron and are not magnetic

Aluminum: Aluminum is lightweight, soft and low strength. Aluminum is easily cast, forged, machined and welded. It’s not suitable for high-temperature environments. Because aluminum is lightweight, it is used to manufacture aircraft and food cans. Aluminum is also used in castings, pistons, railways, cars, and kitchen utensils.

Free drop off of aluminum cans and containers anytime. Please empty. No bags in collection bins.

Please bring excessive amounts during regular staffed hours. Other aluminum items are
accepted on Scrap Metal Recycling Events.

Copper: Copper is malleable and has high conductivity for electricity and heat. Copper is principally used in plumbing and electrical, as well as in sheet roofing, statues, and bearings.

Free drop off only during regular staffed hours.

Brass: Brass is an alloy of copper, zinc, and variable amounts of other metals. It is used for fixtures and fittings like taps, hooks, and doorknobs, as well as for light fittings, screws, and many other products.

Free drop off only during regular staffed hours.

No Glass

No Garbage

No Dumping