Loan of recyclable containers

Policy for use of recycling collection containers

Haines Friends of Recycling

Haines Friends of Recycling is pleased to announce that we have collection containers for Aluminum and Plastic bottle (#1 plastic)  available for loan for organizations and groups holding large events.  The organization, individual, or family borrowing the containers is responsible for them and must arrange for pick-up and return.  In the event that a container is damaged or lost, the borrower is responsible for replacement.

There isn’t a charge for use of the containers; there is a small charge for the bags to cover our costs.  However, we always appreciate donations and memberships.  We do require that you to take the aluminum and/or plastic #1 to the Recycling Center at 2.5 mile Small Tracts Road.

We also have compostable service-ware available for re-sale at our cost.  We have plates, napkins, cups, “silverware”.  If you purchase compostable materials from us and/or use all compostable materials for your event, we also have available compost collection centers.  There isn’t a charge for the containers; however, we always appreciate donations or memberships. If you don’t have anyone in your group that can use the compostable materials from your events, we might be able to take it for you.

To borrow our containers or for questions, please contact us at 766-2185 (Melissa Aronson) or 766-3000 (the Recycling Center direct number).