Grant History

Chilkat Valley Community Foundation

  • 2020 Repair of human and equipment doors at Recycling Center
  • 2019 Signage, fencing, repair and upgrade of collection area
  • 2018 General operating support
  • 2017 Zero Waste Event signage, containers, uniforms
  • 2016 Recycling trailer and bin upgrades
  • 2015 Bear Proof Community Recycling Collection Bins
  • 2010 Recycling trailer and moveable bins
2009 Fluorescent tube recycling

Haines Borough

  • 2020 Covid Cares Act for memberships and lost revenue from event cancellations
  • 2018 Scrap metal collection
earlier: General operating support


  • 2012 General operating support


2010 Buy composters for HAL and the Senior Center; hold our 2010 scrap metal drive; have the first building material exchanges at the Farmers’ Markets; buy compostable service ware for the vendors at the 2010 Southeast Alaska State Fair; develop a 2011 recycling calendar featuring kids’ artwork; attend the Bioneers Conference in Anchorage; hold our 2010 e-waste collection; build our new collection area; and much more!

America Recycles Day