Grant History

  • Ocean Conservancy
    2022 Marine debris cleanup of local beaches and support
  • Zender Environmental
    2022 Staff development training
  • Chilkat Valley Community Foundation
    2021 Waste Reduction Tips in the Chilkat Valley News, corral banners for the fair
    2020 Repair of human and equipment doors at Recycling Center
    2019 Signage, fencing, repair and upgrade of collection area
    2018 General operating support
    2017 Zero Waste Event signage, containers, uniforms
    2016 Recycling trailer and bin upgrades
    2015 Bear Proof Community Recycling Collection Bins
    2010 Recycling trailer and moveable bins
 2009 Fluorescent tube recycling
  • Haines Borough
    2021 Fish net recycling
    2020 Covid Cares Act for memberships and lost revenue from event cancellations
    2018 Scrap metal collection
earlier: General operating support
  • American Seafoods
    2016 Fish net recycling
    2012 General operating support
  • RuralCAP
    2010 Buy composters for HAL and the Senior Center; hold our 2010 scrap metal drive; have the first building material exchanges at the Farmers’ Markets; buy compostable service ware for the vendors at the 2010 Southeast Alaska State Fair; develop a 2011 recycling calendar featuring kids’ artwork; attend the Bioneers Conference in Anchorage; hold our 2010 e-waste collection; build our new collection area; and much more!
  • America Recycles Day