We have been fortunate to receive grants to assist us in our work:

  • The Borough has provided us with general operating funds and we thank them for the support of our work and the work of other non-profits in Haines.  The volunteer energy here is amazing and enables our community to be the wonderful place it is.
  • The Chilkat Valley Community Foundation gave us a grant in 2009 to recycle fluorescent tubes.  Their support enabled us to recycle 75,000 fluorescent tubes!  Fluorescent tubes contain mercury which pollutes the water and contaminates fish; imagine how much mercury was kept out of the landfill through our recycling efforts with support from the CVCF.
  • We received a grant in 2010 from the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation to design and build collection centers for special events.  Thank you CVCF!
  • We partnered with the Chilkoot Indian Association to obtain a grant from Rural CAP for 2010 which enabled us to: buy composters for HAL and the Senior Center; hold our 2010 scrap metal drive; have the first building material exchanges at the Farmers’ Markets; buy compostable service ware for the vendors at the 2010 Southeast Alaska State Fair; develop a 2011 recycling calendar featuring kids’ artwork; attend the Bioneers Conference in Anchorage; hold our 2010 e-waste collection; build our new collection area; and much more!  Thank you CIA and RuralCAP.
  • We received a grant from America Recycles Day to assist with our events in November of 2010, including recycling tennis shoes, household batteries, and CFL bulbs for the weekend of our open house and annual meeting.
  • ALPAR (Alaskans for Litter Prevention and Recycling) gave us a $1,250 grant for signage and collection bin construction in 2012.