Any of these materials can be dropped off at the Center during regular staffed hours.

Large appliance recycling:

Appliance fees: $50 fee on refrigerators, freezers and all units containing refrigerant.
A certified technician has to flush the units, so they can be shipped safely.
$20 fee for washers, dryers & electric ranges.
Time permitting, the Center will dismantle the tubs from the washers and dryers to be re-purposed as planters or compost bins, available for a nominal fee to the public.
The remaining metal is added to the other metals collected on Scrap Metal Recycling day.

Fluorescent tubes:

Fees: $1 for 4 ft., $2 for 8 ft. tube.
Once collected, they are crushed in the tube crusher that separates out the mercury (Hg) and then delivered to the Borough during their HazMat collection day.
We do not accept incandescent, halogen, LED, black light or CFL light bulbs.

Printer ink cartridges and toner cartridges:

Cartridges may also be dropped off at public locations including the front hallway alcove at Howsers/IGA grocery store, Lutak Lumber and Haines Home Hardware.
Please deposit these items with their original box/wrapping whenever possible.
The Center sorts these items; some can be sent to be re-purposed! We prefer the toner cartridges in their original packaging as it helps identify the brand, and sometimes contains a shipping label that the Center utilizes.
We do not accept plastic drums (they go in the garbage).

Brita® filters and other Brita® items:

Items may also be dropped off at the front hallway alcove at Howsers/IGA grocery store.
Includes Brita® brand filters (Standard, Longlast, Stream and bottle filters), pitchers, bottles, and packaging.
The Center sends these items back to Terracycle through a free recycling program sponsored by Brita®.


Many people in impoverished areas need glasses and can’t afford them.
Eye glasses are repurposed through the Lions Club “Lions for Sight International”. They can be left at the Center during regular staffed hours.

Copper and brass:

Can be dropped off during regular staffed hours; they do not need to wait for
a Scrap Metal Event.