2011 Annual Report

Haines Friends of Recycling
Annual Report
November 2011

We scheduled our annual meeting for November 16, 2011 but the weather required a cancellation.  Rather than trying to schedule further into the winter, the HFR Board elected to re-schedule in the spring of 2012.  What follows is the report from the Chair to the membership.

Board membership:

This year saw some significant changes in our Board.  Ramona Holmes retired and Bill Aronson passed away.  They were replaced (a poor choice of words; neither can ever be replaced) by Reilly Kosinski and Akela Silkman.  The Board is now:

Melissa Aronson, Chair        766-2185    aronson@aptalaska.net

Judy Jacobson, Vice Chair    766-2333 or 314-0111  judyinhaines@aptalaska.net

Carol Duis, Secretary        766-3813 or 303-0505 duisjr@yahoo.com

Susannah Dowds, Treasurer    766-3402 or 716-868-7529 stdowds@gmail.com

Blythe Carter                766-2366 (w)   7663304 store@sheldonmuseum. net   

Bruce Gilbert                766-2418

Reilly Kosinski                akoutreach@totalreclaim.com  766-3667

Akela Silkman                766-3020 akela.silkman@gmail.com

Betsy VanBurgh               314-0626 betswil@hotmail.com

Terms Expire:

Fall of 2014: Aronson, Kosinski, Silkman

Fall of 2012: Carter, Duis, Jacobson

Fall of 2013: Dowds, Gilbert, VanBurgh

Major events in 2011:
    Community cleanup in April: aluminum and plastic were turned into HFR and recycled; approximately 500 pounds were diverted from the landfill.

    Earth Day/Sustainability Fair May 14 and 15: HFR again took the lead for our sixth Earth Day event; we worked with many other interested agencies and individuals to host a major community event. Approximately 200 people attended.

    Bike Race June 18 and 19: We provided recycling of plastic and aluminum and collected glass from the parade grounds.  Our portable trailer was filled with plastic and aluminum.  The glass was taken to Big Foot/Acme Transfer.   We recycled approximate 1,000 pounds from the event.

    Electronic Recycling July 22 and 23: we collected and sent for recycling 15,196 pounds of e-waste bringing our total for 5 years to 72,131 pounds.

    SouthEast Alaska State Fair July 28-31: We used our new collection bins from the CVCF grant and the RuralCAP grant along with our moveable trailer.  The system worked well and we collected approximately 1,000 pounds of aluminum and plastic.

    Loading ramp: Thanks to the efforts of Bill Aronson and donations by Jack Smith of materials and labor, we were able to construct a loading ramp that enables us to use and fill 40 foot vans.  This makes our operation much more efficient since we don’t need to send as many vans to Seattle, reducing our “spotting charges”.

    Scrap metal drive August 19 and 20: A huge success; final totals aren’t available yet but we filled 2 40-foot vans and will fill a third after the winter.  This event happened after the loading ramp was completed.

    Takshanuk River Cleanup September 17: the recyclable materials from the river cleanups was taken to HFR, sorted, and sent for recycling.

Other news:

    We established a special events fund for HFR and a scholarship fund for students interested in training and education in renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Both funds are memorial funds in honor of Bill Aronson; as of 3/26/12 there is $2,600 in both funds for a total of $5,200.

    We provided compostable service ware to a variety of groups for major events in the community and will build that capacity in 2012.   Also we were able to purchase bags that compost for the collection of food scraps and compostable service ware. 

    For the second time in just a few years an HFR board member was recognized with the Chamber of Commerce Community Service Award.  Bruce Gilbert won the award a few years ago; Melissa and Bill Aronson were recognized this year.

    HFR sent 263,755 pounds of recycling to Seattle in 2011. That figure does not include the 8 barrels (at approximately 500 pounds each) of fluorescent tube glass and mercury sent this year.  Nor does it include the printer and copier cartridges collected at Howsers, Haislers, Haines Home Building, the Library, or the Borough offices.

    Our membership is holding steady at about 200 families, businesses, and organizations with a renewal rate close to 90 percent.

Thank you! 

Haines Friends of Recycling couldn’t provide the service it does without the dedicated volunteers who help with special events and with on-going projects such as collecting recycling at various locations.  We have approximately 50 different individuals who volunteer throughout the year.  A special thank you to Jack Smith for constructing our loading ramp and removing snow.  Without the free backhaul from AML, we simply couldn’t recycle in this community, so a big thank-you to them.  Mardell Gunn faithfully tracks our membership renewals and sends out reminders.  And our board: what an amazingly dedicated group.  Included in the board are our board members emeriti, Frank and Ramona Holmes, who continue to provide assistance and wise counsel.   We are also thankful to the support from the Chilkat Valley Community Foundation for the recycling collection centers we are using for major events in town and making available for others to borrow.  We continue to reap the benefits from the RuralCAP grant we had in partnership with Chilkoot Indian Association.  The general operating support from the Haines Borough provides 25% of our general operating expenses; thank you to that local government support. Haines Friends of Recycling is truly a community recycling organization, supported by and for the community.  Thank you all!
ns with a renewal rate close to 90 percent.