SELF-SORTED Recyclable Drop-off at Mile 2.5 on Small Tracts Road​ is available 24/7 with staffing hours for assistance Th/F 9-12 and Sat 10-2.

You need to know: What Recyclables does HFR Accept?

Fish Net Recycling

2023 Event Schedule

February 14: “Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45AM
April 11: “Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45AM

April 22: Earth Day- Celebrations TBA
May 4-10: Marine Debris Cleanup
May 9: “Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45am

June 2- 3: Electronic Recycling, 10-2
June 6: “Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45am

June 9-10: Fish Net Recycling, 10-2pm
Also available by appt.
June 17: Fishermen’s Barbecue-Zero Waste
June 30-July 1: Scrap Metal collection, 10-2
July 4: Tlingit Park Celebration- Zero Waste
“Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45am
July 27-30: SEAK State Fair- Zero Waste
August 1: “Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45am
August 29: “Talking Trash” KHNS, 8:45am
Sept. 22-23: Fish Net Recycling, 10-2pm

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Please join Haines Friends of Recycling in celebrating over twenty years of providing recycling, recycling education, and waste reduction to the Chilkat Valley! We began in 1999. Thanks to support from our members like you, we continue to be successful.


  • Shopping locally supports our local artists and businesses and reduces the carbon footprint of shipping.
  • If you are shopping through Fred Meyers or Amazon, you can make donations to Haines Friends of Recycling. When you shop on AmazonSmile, the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price of eligible products to the charitable organization of your choice; just shop at and designate “Haines Friends of Recycling”. With Fred Meyers Sign up for the Community Rewards program by linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to Haines Friends of Recycling at
  • You can make gift donations to Haines Friends of Recycling (separate from memberships) on our face-book page (
  • Trying to think of a nice gift that doesn’t add to the waste stream? Make a donation to a favorite non-profit in the person’s honor. You can send such donations to HFR, PO Box 822, Haines AK 99827. Just add a note designating that your donation is in honor of (person’s name) and include their email or postal address so we can notify them.
  • Offer to pick up recycling from friends and neighbors and especially people who don’t have transportation. Offer to help them set up a self-sorting system at home.
  • Want to have a Zero Waste event? Compostable service ware is available for sale at cost through HFR (email Melissa at Thirty washable place settings are available through Joy Graves at the Library. Genny Rietze also has washable silverware available to borrow.
  • Holiday lights strings can be recycled when we do our electronic recycling in the summer. Please remove the light bulbs first.
  • Too many tote bags in your closet? The “bag ladies” at the library and the grocery stores need bags to share. By giving your excess bags to the “bag ladies”, we can cut down on single use bags. You can also take your extra paper bags to Howser’s for others to use.

HFR recycles about 250,000 lbs a year, over 600 lbs a day, with support from: community memberships and donations, free back haul from AML for 6 vans, grants from the Haines Borough and Chilkat Valley Community Foundation (CVCF), and consistent volunteer efforts. HFR helps with special event recycling, loans out recycling containers, and sells compostable service ware for large events.

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The Recycling Center at Mile 2.5 on Small Tracts Road is open 24/7 for SELF-SORTED recycle drop off. You need to know: What Recyclables does HFR Accept? PLEASE SELF-SORT CAREFULLY: we don’t have the staff or volunteer time to sort for you.

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Low-grade paper:  Low-grade (mixed, shiny) paper IS CURRENTLY NO LONGER RECYCLABLE.  If we ship it out for recycling, it is just land-filled and we are charged for it.  This has been the case for about a year and we have been watching the market and nothing in the foreseeable future indicates this will change.  We are able to cover our costs on white paper, newsprint, cardboard, and shredded white paper.  Carefully sorting your white paper for recycling will help us. 

How can you reduce how much low-grade paper you receive? 

  1. Call catalogue companies and ask to be taken off their mailing list and the mailing list of “sister” publications; perhaps ask them to put you on an email list. 
  2. Encourage organizations to print their materials on recyclable white paper or newsprint.  
  3. For magazines, consider getting an on-line version or reading the library subscription. 

Earth Day:  April 22, 2020 was the 50th anniversary of Earth Day! Our local planning group meets and begins planning early in the year for our events and celebration of Earth Day. If you would like to be involved in the planning, please contact me at